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01 02 :29
02 07 :30
03 06 :15
04 03 :37
05 05 :33
06 02 :26
07 03 :28
08 03 :38
09 05 :15
10 04 :02
11 05 :19
12 06 :05
13 03 :55
14 03 :56
15 04 :26

ART 007 CD ART 007 CD

"ArT-TeK Records is proud to announce the first ever full-length release of new and no doubt one of the most interesting electronic artists of Moscow - the Lazyfish. His name originates from a small pirate company he ran with his friends to produce skateboards. In addition to skateboarding Sasha is a great fan of riding his mountain bike down the hill to get a doze of adrenaline, not to mention many wounds and bruises. During the winter he makes efforts to kill himself on a snowboard. No wonder he used to listen to a lot of industrial music and played bass guitar. Among his influences from that time he names Psychic TV, Current-93, Coil, Scorn. The album consists of 3 parts. A short intro will test the resilience of your hi-fi and introduce you to the album which has 12 tracks, mixed together to lead you through magical mathematical mazes of sonic pulsations, industrial landscapes, and the nightclubs of Moscow. Slowly but surely you will find Vortex developing and changing, getting more complicated and colorful, so that you will admire to it its diversity. The "Please-126" single will remind you some kind of dance music. Three mixed tracks will certainly give you an idea about different shapes and styles such music could have, especially from the way Lazyfish performs it for you and us."