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Naked Blues

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180-gram vinyl. "The Legendary Tiger Man is one of the several characters created in the mind of Paulo Furtado (Wraygunn, ex-Tédio Boys) to fight his natural-born hyperactivity. His trips through the Mississippi, along with the multiple US tours with Wraygunn, the legendary band from Coimbra, worked as inspiration for the creation of this project in 2002, in which Furtado, loaded with guitar, kazoo, bass drum, and hi-hat, reinvented the Delta blues tradition. The album, originally released as a 10" by Munster in 2002 and now a coveted collectors' item, was recorded live by Furtado at Clic Studio and mastered by Joe Fossard. It includes eight original tracks and two covers -- Bo Diddley's 'Mannish Boy' and Hasil Adkins's 'She Said' -- that are embers to a bonfire, dressed as tales of sex, crime, and damnation spat out from this rock 'n' roller's soul in the good old storyteller's style. "The music contained in Naked Blues exudes heat, humidity, the suffocating, maddening sensuality of the Delta. It's the perfect vehicle for the strongly sexual universe depicted in the lyrics. The rhythm, the stops, the shaking achieved by the mix of the instruments, the tone and inflexions of Paulo Furtado's voice depict in technicolor the provocative situations he sings about. And everything in Naked Blues revolves around sex: burning, desperate, one-night-only." --Raquel M. Pinheiro, Público