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Mit Dem Bauch An Die Wand

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Dada-pop is the happy specter of contemporary pop music. While picking up musical and poetical clichés and making fun of them, it never loses sight of its own message. From the beginning, Leichtmetall has been an audiovisual piece of art, not only by way of wonderfully shrewd compositions and arrangements, but also by its willfully ambiguous lyrics, reminiscent of children's drawings at first hearing. The incommensurable is brought together: beginning with the fairy tale sounds of multi-voiced glockenspiels and women's voices combined with an electronic beat hailing from the beginning of homemade electro-music. Add lyrics which pick up weighty issues only to tear them down and dwarf them instantly by the use of simplistic rhyme-art. Last but not least, the visual concept of the band reinforces the impression of a musical clock by alluding to both the romanticist E.T.A. Hoffman's humanoid automaton and the electronic-pioneers from the German band Kraftwerk. Thus, Leichtmetall achieve a static-mechanic aesthetic which both charms and disturbs the listener. Most compositions and lyrics are created by Marion Dimbath and her new partner Anja Morell - complemented by an interpretation of Rainer Maria Rilke's "Panther" poem and a cover-version of the song "Colored Like Ashes" by Günther and Regina Janssen from Donna Regina. Like other Leichtmetall recordings before, these two multi-instrumental ladies excel in the use of synthesizers, bells, ukulele, trombone, tuba, trumpet, and, of course, the mandatory and name-giving glockenspiel.