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01 05 :25
02 05 :51
03 04 :31
04 06 :25
05 05 :41
06 04 :35
07 06 :18
08 04 :43
09 06 :27

QS 132CD QS 132CD

"A great Neo-Dub/Electronica album from Lena is going to be released on the highly acclaimed Quatermass label. The ghost in Lena's machine has possessed it's share of echo chambers and mixing boards -- it was there long ago during the delirious sessions at The Ark, where Monsieur Lee 'Scratch' Perry would taunt it's spirit with a fearless and life-affirming Caribbean insouciance; it's been there when Adrian Sherwood would unexpectedly lunge toward the console and let fly with a slide of the volume fader; it's been a vital element in the steaming, bubbly, concotions found in the Mad Professor's laboratory, and more recently, it's inhabited the tiny slivers of runoff vinyl that regroup and metamporhasize into Pole's macro/microcosmic wallowings. Mathias Delplanque (aka Lena, Bidlo, DJ Jecho, Konstanz, Paul Shade) has given in to the more radical side of his Bidlo audio persona, emerging from some very haunted studio sessions as Lena -- a sort of idiot savant twin to Bidlo -- more intuitive and viscerally receptive to the dub ghost than Bidlo. The centre of Lena's universe of sound is a sonic black hole of infra-bass from which sound particles manage to frenetically escape, spiraling off into the cosmos in a frenetic rhythm, leaving trails of white light and buzzing noises which soar past the listener. On this new record Lena pairs thing down to the sweet minimalism and groovy melancholy of deep space, whilst remaining ever mindful of the universal constant that African music taps into. Suffice to say, it's complex, despite it's sonic immediacy."