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BB 090LP BB 090LP

LP version. On 180 gram vinyl; includes free download code. Like A Stuntman formed in 2001 in Frankfurt am Main. Half of the band moved to Hamburg soon thereafter. Their first album was released in 2005 on the English label Highpoint Lowlife. Then, the highly-praised Original Bedouin Culture (BB 033CD/LP) came out on Bureau B in 2009. YOY is now their third record in 11 years.

The postman rings for longer than usual. He has a poem with him, which he reads: Title: "Like A Stuntman" --
Symptoms of the ocular / Yesterday euphoria / Dog show digest.
Ooze yeah ooze / Hell, no sport / Boy campaign.
Sentimental education / A decade or less / YOY
Y-O-Y ? (or Why, Oh Why?)
He speaks the final words with elongated vowels -- the sound of an animal, a plant, an instrument. We listen reverently as the verse fades away. It's an autumn poem, without a doubt: a bit bumpy, its breadth not immediately apparent, but one senses that there is something right about it. You slip the record out of its cover and put it on. Noise. Goofy dances. Washed-out pictures, pulled too soon from the Polaroid, held in the wind, faded, warped, covered with earth, immersed in ashes, swept through the water, caught in traps. This is how the vastness, the mid-west, the coast and desert find their way into their world of sound. They understand the beauty of the surface -- that's why their music is so iridescent. Amongst it is a crafty rustling, an oscillation, linking the songs. Sounds hover behind water, the vocal goes haywire. Discordant harmonies.