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This is the highly-anticipated second full-length release by Oslo's cosmic-disco kings Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, the follow-up to their 2006 eponymous debut, which captured the hearts and minds of the global music community. II is a worthy successor to their ground-breaking first album. It would be no small understatement to say that right now Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and fellow Norwegian, Thomas M. Hermansen (aka Prins Thomas) are two of the hottest leftfield dance artists around. While Thomas' roots come from a more dance/DJ background, multi-instrumentalist Lindstrøm provides the backbone to the pair's beautiful and melodic approach that takes their music from the dancefloor and into a looser groove that could fit happily in any home listening environment. While retaining a lot of the musical ideals and ideas of the first album, II is distinctively more organic, psychedelic, live and loose, which makes it such a welcome return of a release. Featuring elements of Italo, Krautrock and disco-influenced productions, alongside the production spark genius that defined those halcyon releases of the post disco/punk era, Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas provide us with yet more lush bass lines, sublime melodies and rolling rhythms bursting with pure emotion. Throughout, you can find the experimental energy of the continental space-disco of the '80s which the pair still adore: melodic, synth-heavy and cinematic, with arpeggiated bass lines set to organic, flowing grooves. Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas' sublime Norse code continues to astound, invigorate and inspire as every twist and nuance is embellished with a warmth and glow few seem capable of capturing. The space-disco kings are back.