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Amour Toujours

ZE 018CD ZE 018CD

2016 restock. 2005 reissue. This is Lio's third album, originally released in 1983, now remastered and reissued with five bonus tracks by Ze Records. At 20 years old the pop singer/icon was already catapulted to fame overnight, her image plastered across the covers of mainstream European music magazines, and her reputation of "techno pop" artist was already established. Lio decided to stir things up a bit with Amour Toujours. With its fine and delicate melodies, its daring but nevertheless gentle vocals, Amour Toujours falls within the scope of purely traditional French songs with an ambiance perfectly displayed by famous photographer Robert Doisneau who shot the album cover and the pictures included in this booklet. Producer Alain Chamfort brings his whole variété background to Lio's Lolita universe: from the typically French association ensues a series of sincere and touching songs ("La Vérité Toute Nue," "Je Voudrais Bien Me Sentir Mal," "Motus à La Muette") where you can still notice the distinctive lyrics of songwriter Jacques Duvall. After the energetic effervescence of her first albums, Lio shows her ability to follow a softer and milder path. Far from being disappointed, the audience was still pleased with Lio's new direction, soon confirmed by the commercial success of the later released single "Tétéou" (which is included here on the bonus tracks). Whatever the team behind the desk, whatever the color of her songs, Lio's music is still what a Belgian reviewer/archivist once said: "...perfect French bubble-gum pop by a vivid young girl."