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Nirvanating Nervesounds


Psychedelic hard rock featuring the explosive fuzz-wah guitar of Peter Illingworth (ex-David John & The Mood). Little Free Rock were an underground British power trio that evolved from heavy-mod-psych band Purple Haze. In 1969, the band released their only album, on Transatlantic Records. A rather disappointing effort for the band and their fans, as the ultra-clean production did not show the real, powerful sound of the power trio. Nirvanating Nervesounds collects sessions for an aborted second album from 1971, produced by Robert Stigwood, plus tracks from their early incarnation as Purple Haze, taken from an ultra-rare demo acetate from 1969. The '71 tracks were recorded just after the band incorporated an African percussionist, "Lord" Eric Carboo, into their line-up, and following the replacement of original member Frank Newbold with ex-Killing Floor bass player John Taylor. This new line-up shines on tracks like the terrific psych-funk cut "Money On Your Mind," full of drum breaks and frenzied wah-wah guitar. The '69 recordings are taken from the only known copy of a demo acetate recorded in 1969, when the band had just changed their name from Purple Haze to Little Free Rock. Featuring some songs that were later re-recorded and included on the Transatlantic album, appearing here in a superior, raw form. This is a killer find for anyone into late '60s British mod-psych. A fuzzed-out power trio that will surprise anyone into obscure psych/freakbeat acts like Adam's Recital, Five Day Rain, The Attack... For many people, the recordings included here are the best thing Little Free Rock ever did and show how their first album should've really sounded. Most of these tracks were previously released on CD as Time Is of No Consequence in 1991, but they appear here in a newly remastered, superior form, most noticeable on the acetate tracks (no surface noise here!). Remastered sound. Four-page insert with detailed liner notes by Nigel Cross (Shagrat Records) and Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby) plus rare photos.