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Other Places

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1997 release. Other Places is an exploration of Lois Svard's interest in new concepts and ideas in music. This disc features works written for her by composers Elodie Lauten, Jerry Hunt, and Kyle Gann. Lois Svard has received enthusiastic acclaim internationally for her performances of contemporary piano music. Critics have praised her for her "lucid interpretations of unusual and seldom-heard repertoire," and for the "extraordinary musicianship" of her playing. She has performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe, commissioning and premiering several works by such American composers as Robert Ashley, William Duckworth, Annea Lockwood, Alvin Lucier, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Stephen Scott, Kirk Nurock, and David First. The three works on Other Places share the ability to expand the performer's and listener's musical parameters in unique ways. Elodie Lauten's Variations on the Orange Cycle is a richly-textured combination of transcribed improvisation and intentional notation that creates lush, ever-changing tapestries of sound. Jerry Hunt's Trapani (stream) is a contemplative work exploring different facets of sound through a progression of tremolo chords played with a variety of voicings, dynamics, and pedalings. Trapani's slowly-changing harmonies are serene in their simplicity, yet mesmerizing in their unfolding. Kyle Gann's Desert Sonata is based on his unique rhythmic language developed from the multi-tempo structures of Conlon Nancarrow and the dances of the Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo Indians. Gann's juxtaposition of widely divergent musical ideas creates an atmosphere that is both compelling and enchanting.