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En Vivo Y En Estudio


Melopea Discos celebrates 50 years of Argentine rock with the remastered editions of the complete discography of Los Gatos, after 25 years of absence in record stores. After spending 15 years out of the market, and to mark the half-century existence of these anthological records, the band members themselves have decided to publish the complete discography. Remastered by Los Gatos.

En Vivo Y En Estudio consists of material recorded between 1970 and 1971 that remained unpublished until 1987. As its name indicates, it is composed of one side recorded in studio, without the intervention of Pappo, with Toth on guitar and Nebbia on bass. The second side of the original edition contained songs recorded live on December 4, 1970 at the Teatro Odeón in Buenos Aires. At the beginning of 1969, Los Gatos separated momentarily. For nine months, all members of the band, with the exception of Nebbia, traveled around the United States, getting to know the local music, listening to the "greats of the moment" and even recording a simple with an American singer, unpublished. In the interim, Nebbia began his solo career, filming the movie The Strange Long Haired and releasing his first solo LP. Los Gatos would return to the following year with Beat Nº1 (LPPR 017LP), with Pappo in the place of Kay. This album clearly shows the two styles: the melodic of Litto (in "Dream And Run") and the rocker that imposed Pappo ("Home"). In the middle of 1970, Pappo left the group to form his own band. Nebbia would then play bass and Toth took the place of the distant guitarist. "We are making another sound to the whole," they anticipated. Nevertheless the luck was already cast: a series of recitals signed the definitive goodbye to this key group of Argentinian music. From that moment on, Litto Nebbia would continue his solo career.