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Macro y Micro Tiempo

SA 1675CD SA 1675CD

2009 release. Walking through the dense, warm, and brawny textures of old synthesizers. The emotion of a live concert without computers and programming; just the man with the machine organizing the chaos, the unpredictable. The album Macro y Micro Tiempo by Luis Carlos Esteban is a very strange one: it began as a tribute concert idea for the classic electronic bands of the '70s. With time, after hours and hours of playing the repertoire, it mutated and took on a life of its own. Professor Salazar said in his book that fundamental concepts in the history of music have made a big breach between the artist and the audience, indeed, as the facts are developing, this breach will become even bigger, which will lead to a situation where at the end, the art will be a language for artists to communicate with each other. But, there is a "lifeline" for the audience: we must forget the hedonism that has reigned until now. It is in the way of approaching art -- we must go with the chaos and open our hearts to this almost-forgotten language of the cosmos in all its rugged beauty. Open your eyes, ears, and heart, and let yourself go for the real life, the life of inaccuracy and of truth. Come walk between the big '70s synthesizers, the Moogs, the 2600 ARP, the EMS, the Buchla, Voyetra8, Mellotron, the 4 Voices, and touch the music.