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Formed in Boston in the late '70s from the ashes of the legendary DMZ, Lyres are one of the truly essential garage bands -- and the seven 7"s (and CD) contained in this boxed set clearly prove why. Featuring 16 tracks spanning 1979 to 1991, they're loaded with sound, attitude, and a way of making music not found around too often. This set includes the contents of Lyres' never-released first acetate, recorded live and pressed by the band only two weeks after their first rehearsal. Their amazing debut 7" on Sounds Interesting Records is presented with facsimile artwork, as are a string of magnificent tracks the band recorded during the 1980s for Boston's Ace of Hearts Records, run by Rick Harte, who also produced the recordings. Tracks such as "Buried Alive," "Help You Ann," "I Really Want You Right Now," "She Pays The Rent," "Not Looking Back," and other staples of the 1980s rock and roll scene show the band (and its varying line-ups) at the top of their game. Includes 20-page booklet with photos and liner notes by Lyres organist and vocalist Jeff Conolly. Limited edition of 700.