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Mad Music

DC 512LP DC 512LP

"Like something out of pulp science fiction, the record known as Mad Music, Inc appeared in the Boston area in the late 70s without track titles, credits or contact information. Beautifully packaged, the record exuded a mystery so mysterious as to be entirely unclear if the creator(s) even realized how odd the whole thing was. To be clear -- this is not one of those phony discoveries that seem to show up with increasing regularity these days. Collectors have known about Mad Music for years, but the very few who know the story aren't talking. Play the record, and everything becomes more unclear still. . . . What is this music, and who is it for? Is it some mutant strain of new age, jazz, a soundtrack? Would it explain anything to know that the jam at the end of side one is called 'Gospel Disco'? Does it help if we disclose that this lushly arranged album features professionals and amateurs working together? Is it a put-on? Or was there some greater purpose involved? The world may never know. For the fine folks who actually buy records, randomly selected copies come with one of a kind inserts -- authentic 35-year-old documents from the Mad Music archives -- an underwater loudspeaker catalog, a photo from the recording studio, an academic clipping entitled Cerebral Dominance in Musicians and Nonmusicians. But even if you buy the entire run and put it all together, this is one mystery you may never solve. We can promise you this -- you've never experienced anything like Mad Music, Inc."