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"Now giant-size and louder than ever, Major Stars plunge further down the path of their second, larger life with Mirror/Messenger. Their new sextet record features the same triple-guitar frontline and fervid vocalizations from Sandra Barrett as did 2006's Syntoptikon -- but with more songs then ever before found on a single Major Stars album (as many as two albums, in several cases). Mirror/Messenger is an assault on popular music, with considerable muscle exerted to create a jukebox-ready duck-and-shuffle -- if the needle don't get tossed out the groove, that is. From their Massachusetts aerie, Major Stars have rocked the world six albums over during the past decade. On this, their sixth album, the signature guitar union of Wayne Rogers and Kate Village (first immortalized in Crystalized Movements and later in Magic Hour) is further emboldened by Tom Leonard, whose prior tenure as Major Stars bassist ensures that he knows of what Major Stars rock. Sandra Barrett's lead wail gives every song an unshakable foundation from which the screaming solos depart with fearless frequencies. If the new sound of Major Stars sound is wider and more vivid than known, it's because this time, there's twenty-four tracks of rockness blaring at you through the mix. Plus, the relatively new lineup have an album, a tour and another year of life under their belt. And ultimately, ten years have done nothing to mellow Major Stars, for which they must be congratulated. The devious interweaving of the psychedelic with the rock is, as ever, a delight, to consistent yet somehow changed ends. They keep the craft surging forward, maintaining sufficient heat to ensure that nothing gathers on them as they beat it down the line."