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Chronicles Of Never


2x12" version. Poland's Marcin Czubala presents Chronicles Of Never, his first full-length for Mobilee and his first full-length since 2001, despite dozens of singles over the years. This is not just a collection of dance tunes, these tracks all flow together like the colors of the spectrum, twisting and turning as imperceptibly as the moments of a long night out. Certain sounds and motifs occur and re-occur -- muted hand drums, faraway voices, gleaming keyboards and dusty syncopations. But despite a certain consistency of mood -- there's something hushed about Marcin's music, even at its most intense. Every track invents its own world and operates according to its own logic. Not the logic of the club, or much less the logic of "minimal," but a unique ecology of sounds adapted specifically to their environment. "Los CompaƱeros," inspired by Marcin's first tour of Mexico, is one of the album's stand-out club tracks, propelled by economical percussion and insistent, looped vocals; halfway through, queasy keyboards fill the soundfield, making this one of the eeriest club hits of the year. "Pravda" is more upbeat, full of bright, glassy percussion with just the right degree of swing. "Alibi Room" is a place where fantastic narratives are spun, where reality is turned inside out -- a dryly percussive intro features an acoustic bass that roams freely in a kind of reverie. "Dazed And Confused" is a savvy exercise in focused, minimalist funk, with lots of tiny acoustic drum samples. "Spectacles For Human" includes jewel-like synthesizer tones and echoes of Detroit. "30 May" is on the surface a celebratory track -- but odd detunings and frantic arpeggios suggest unease. "At The Beach In San Foca" is a slow, controlled burn that periodically flares up in the form of muted horns and panned, echoing voices. Sweeping filters and syncopated piano chords push the track ever forward, while a deep sub-bass grounds it firmly in the now. Chronicles Of Never is the chronicle of an imaginary place.