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Party Animals


The Cocoon label presents a double-hitting 2CD mix compilation from Naples-born DJ/producer Marco Carola and Mannheim's own Nick Curly. Carola brought Italy onto the map of uncompromising techno with his strictly limited edition releases during the '90s, but he is also one of the key players in the breakthrough of reduced techno-funk, having released on Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label. With his mix, Carola illustrates the perfect party night on Amnesia's main floor with a sultry, percussive, and always sexy form of minimal funk. In particular, Marco Carola gives a major platform to breakthrough artists, like Kobaalt or Reisak Corporation. The mix builds with a constant intensity and his finale will have you ready to throw your arms in the air with some familiar tracks by Martin Buttrich and Layo & Bushwacka ("The Longest Day," highlighted here through the Audiofly remix). Curly has already proved himself with his productions for Plastic City, 8 Bit and Cocoon as well as his own label Cécille Records, which he runs together with Marc Scholl. With his impressively energetic set, Curly demonstrates that soulful vocals and solid, hypnotic house make great bedfellows. Ranging from the percussive power house of "Get Your Space" by producer team Phil Weeks vs. Krakatoa through the jazziness of Gorge and onto the dubby excursion of Horacio, there is a wealth of quality on offer here. Butch's wild-pitch style and Curly's own brand of new disco funk further add to the richness of the mix, and by the time you reach the closing bars of Burridge And Dekay's "Wongel," it is clear why Cocoon were so keen to have Curly on-board. Other artists include: Someone Else, Miguel Colmenares, Furr & Hazendonk, Miyagi & Ronald Christoph, Remerc, Matteo Milleri & Karm, David K, Francesco Farfa, Coletone, Gabe & D-Nox, Joseph Capriati, Tale Of Us, Ittetsu & Jun Akimoto, Youandewan, Michi Vajna, Mihai Popoviciu, Ryan Crosson & Guti, Sascha Dive, Daniel Stefanik, Lauhaus, Remerc, Anthea & Celler, Julian Chaptal, Mark Broom, Tim Green, Peace Division, Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot, Markus Fix and Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay.