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Mars LP: The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978

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[Note: Mars LP is the title, but this is a CD-only release]. The Mars LP is the definitive collection of the 32 minutes of studio recordings released on vinyl between 1977 and 1979 by the most influential no wave band from the era, Mars (Sumner Crane, China Burg, Mark Cunningham, Nancy Arlen). Supervised by the surviving members, remastered from original sources without any added effects, and packaged with detailed notes and lyrics, the Mars LP is an effort to showcase the group's legacy and make up for the unavailability of these tracks in their original sound. Described by Lydia Lunch as "Static transmissions from a distant dark star. Taking up and tripping out further than The Velvet Underground's 'Black Angel Death Song,' Mars punished not with blunt force, but with a propulsive agitation which signaled a neurological insanity. A crippled tension swathed in nervous friction. A cavernous musical universe riddled with eerie sound storms whose poisoned atmosphere seduced and threatened. Obtuse and unforgiving. Sickly sexy. Red noise redefining bass urges, forcing the listener to question their own sanity by drilling into ear holes using electroshock guitars as saw blades trepanning into grey matter. Mars unleashed a choking cacophony illustrating the body as machine in disrepair fuelled by the impending repulsion and disintegration of a perverse romance with one's own demons. Demons who once wrenched free, made mimicry of the jangling nerve centers, and given voice as song, turned schizophrenic and howled these testimonials to the unbearable." Includes their first single on Rebel/Ze, the No New York tracks, and the Mars EP on Lust/Unlust Music -- the complete discography. This CD should be considered as an alternative to the still-valid 78+ CD on Atavistic -- this one features all the original recordings as intended, with all the Thirlwell sound reprocessing of the Atavistic CD eliminated.