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Captain High Records present Martin Denny's Exotica, originally released in 1957. This album, at hand by prolific legend Martin Denny, is the one which gave a name to an entire genre of exotica. The songs on Exotica are all outstanding. Based on jazz and folk this is an early example of mind-altering music, because the album sets a dreamy state with haunting melodies and sound effects that are reminiscent of wild animals in the jungle. The rhythmical base is rooted in Latin music, from mambo via samba to bossa nova, all the Latin American forms of dance music are combined with bebop elements. Asian percussion instruments and harmonies also find their way onto this album. There are colorful tunes that recall Japanese folk but with a closer listen, the melodies would fit well with US western movie soundtracks. The easy listening sound of the '50s comes as the last ingredient and the icing on the cake. Also, the "space age" movement was happening with an equally dreamy style but more science fiction oriented direction. A few of these pulsating electronic influences did pass by composer and conductor Martin Denny while creating this masterpiece, so the listener might feel like flying away from time to time, but the journey always ends on a beautiful island in the South Pacific ocean where pretty girls and boys dance to hot blooded savage rhythms. This savage soul burns deep within the music on Exotica. This is the ticket to a destination beneath the palm trees.