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U Can Get Sonar

KD 014EP KD 014EP

"Having already proved itself as a forward-thinking label which provides a valuable platform for up-and-coming talent alongside better established names, Kindisch once again delivers the goods -- in the form of this debut 12" from Matchbox. In summer 2006 he teamed up with Ilja Coric to unite their different qualities and create tracks that reflect their vision of modern dance music. Matchbox's knowledge of the history of techno music and his experience as a DJ in combination with Ilja's skills as a composer and producer are the basis for a successful collaboration. The 12" opens with a blast of superlative dancefloor funk, 'U Can Get Sonar.' It's immediately obvious that this track is the creation of someone who knows -- as a fan, DJ, record-seller and musician -- what works on the dancefloor, what sounds good -- and has endeavored to make his record satisfy us on all counts. Carried along by an unbelievably buoyant bassline, purring, deep house-style chords and crystalline percussion, the track climaxes in waves of synthesized strings. 'Upad Aah' is a vivacious, skippy dancefloor track, its constituent bass and drum elements rounded and smoothed for maximum bounce; sharp, pressurized snares provide a glorious counterpoint, as quasi-tribal percussion, and airy African female vocals are layered over the top. The result is fresh, powerful and eminently danceable. 'Persuasion' is a deep, swinging club track; once again that warm bass is at the forefront, with clipped yet languid chords building melody around it as."