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Are You Really Lost


This is Chile-born, Berlin-based Matias Aguayo's debut solo release. With compatriot Dirk Leyers as the duo Closer Musik, Aguayo explored the amalgamated realm of minimal pop and sublime eroticism, penning songs like "Maria," "You Don't Know Me" and "1,2,3... No Gravity" which are now true classics of the genre and still can be heard on the dancefloor today. Are You Really Lost completely proves, without exaggeration, that we are amongst a true virtuoso of our time. The opening track "De Papel" sets the pace for what is possibly Kompakt's most physically-motivating album to date, proving that slow grooves ARE better. Coming across like the uptempo version of Massive Attack's "Daydreaming" this track is truly intense. Anyone who drives fast will be pulled over, made to slowly enjoy the journey. With "Radiotaxi" and "Drums & Feathers," Aguayo's Chilean roots come to the forefront. Unlike his fellow countrymen Ricardo Villalobos or Luciano, Aguayo resonates far more robustly and pop-loving than the exquisite psychedelic blunderings of his predecessors. Moving onward, Aguayo takes the cake and eats it in all its scrumptiousness with the title track "Are You Really Lost." With sonic references throughout to the B-52's song "Planet Claire," it is a tempestuous, almost ragga-like uptempo stomper that will be sure to consign club ceilings in need of repair. And there's "Well" -- the first "true" pop song of the album that latently recalls Grace Jones' lascivious genre-mix portrayed in her Island Life times. With Aguayo's seductive crooning, this song is destined to bring only the dirtiest of thoughts to the cleanest of minds. Finally, we reach the hypnotic "So In Love," poised to redefine disco for the years to come. Prepare to be catapulted toward the wonderful worlds of innovation, entertainment, techno, eroticism, and pop. Matias Aguayo lives it all and pushes it forward.