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Solo Pieces 1993-2007

NEOS 10940CD NEOS 10940CD

Featured works: Solo 2007 "Dialog" for accordion (2007); Solo 2002 for violin (2002) Voice for horn (1995); Solo 1993 for recorder (1993, rev. 2009) Cadenza for violoncello (2005); 3 Klavierstücke (1999) Cantando for violin (2006); Música for voice (2000) Solo 2001 for flute (2001) Solo 2006 "cantando - recitando" for violoncello (2006). Performed by Patricia Kopatchinskaja, violin; Boris Previsic, flute; Tobias Moster, violoncello Vladimir Blagojevic, accordion; Céline Herrero, recorder; Olivier Darbellay, horn Sylvia Nopper, soprano; Kristine Sutidze, piano. "This music has vitality, and is played here by an amazing soloist, one who knows just about everything his own instrument can do, and many others besides. This sense of detail and of discovery leads to many a risible scene. Matthias Arter, a pupil of Heinz Holliger, is a composer, oboist and conductor, and has developed many creative projects and events. His works are playful, concrete, associative: the twin bellows of the accordion tell of this (Vladimir Blagojevic); streams of air and concomitant resonances are tested out with a panoply of flutes (Boris Previ?ic); and various registers of the piano come into play too (Kristine Sutidze). Horn (Olivier Darbellay) and recorder (Céline Herrero) raise their voices too. The musical language is full of contradictions, and the strings are a veritable ban-shee of voices: violin (Patricia Kopatchinskaja), violoncello (Tobias Moster) -- plus a poem by Cecília Meireles: 'Música', soprano (Sylvia Nopper), which is read, rent asunder and, to much rustling, put back together..." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.