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Nights Out

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Limited LP edition of Metronomy's 2008 album Nights Out (BEC 5772393); includes CD. Edition of 400; not to be repressed. Nights Out is Metronomy's first vocal-led album, with self-effacing founding member Joseph Mount stepping up and grabbing the mic for most of the tracks. It's also the first to album introduce Metronomy as a three-piece band, rather than a pseudonym for Mount's solo work. Although Mount has worked with Gabriel Stebbing (bass, keyboards) and Oscar Cash (sax, keyboards) since their childhoods in Devon, England, it was the success of the trio's live shows that led to the realization that the three friends are a bona fide group. Nights Out resolutely ignores the vogue for yelping in a provincial accent about mingers and kebabs, and taps into a more elegant, enduring, and truthful pop mood -- that feeling of being at your most lost and alone when crushed into a room full of revelers high on drugs and desperation. Musically, Metronomy march to the beat of their own synthetic drum. But Mount's experiences of touring the nightclubs of the world, finishing his set, and then feeling unable to join in the surrounding debauchery makes Nights Out the wonky love-child of Giorgio Moroder, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and "Unfinished Sympathy." Indeed, "On Dancefloors" might be the saddest song about partying ever made. Because Music 10th Anniversary Vinyl Campaign. Limited (400 copies) 10-year edition with CD -- new catalog number and EAN. Will be deleted and back to the regular edition after campaign ends.