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Zone Day


"Britain's MFA stand for the revitalisation of rave handling musical history with ease not dissimilar to that of the likes of fellow countryman Tim Wright. MFA is Ali and Rhys, respectively Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans from London and Wales. Their guitar-driven 'The Different It Makes' (which falls under the category of lo-fi tech-house) was released on Border Community, and then once again last autumn on Kompakt. MFA just recently remixed Magma for Ellen Allien. They see themselves as 'men on an unstoppable mission.' Well, well? but actually, they really are -- and full of zeal in their quest for the perfect rave hymn from the end of the '80s and early '90s. Et voilĂ ? Their 12" 'Zone Break': Disco 2 Break: 'I feel my disco beat / my day break': electro can be a very melancholic affair. This is heartfelt pathos with even more honestly earned bags under the eyes. There are these two individuals peacefully pouring their hearts out on cultivated party-overkill. Hey -- the night has only just begun -- the day before yesterday... 'Disco 2 Break' is a little history lesson for those who were born later. For their repertoire they harken back on their socialisation during the '80s. For one, they know exactly how to capture the feeling of ultimate party fatigue, but then there's also that rare moment of reconciliation with the world on the way home. 'Rinse Time': Hurray! We can finally rave again! All happy, light-footed and charming with those pitched vocals, and smiley faces dancing ring-a-ring-a-roses. 'Rinse Time' dates back to an era when tracks bore official titles like 'G-Force Part 2.' The Prodigy, still wearing gas masks back then, are permitted to rise from their graves to stage a slap-happy St. Vitus dance in cargo pants. Old school! 'Overhang': Step on the gas for this loose and fluffy trance. Here's a shout for the British-lad humour that we so cherish in MFA."