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Del Diablo Y Del Angel


Award-winning Frankfurt-based tango nuevo quartet Mi Loco Tango pay tribute to Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla with Del Diablo Y Del Angel (trans. "About Devils And Angels"). This magnificent tango-innovator dedicated an entire range of original compositions to the devil and the angels and scattered them in many of his publications and compositions. Now these little stories are combined and confronted. In the middle are the two cycles "Del Diablo" and "Del Angel" -- rarely played Piazzolla pieces. The four musicians, consisting of a bayanist (chromatic button accordion player) from Russia, a violinist and a pianist from Germany and a German-French double-bass player, have already proven their virtuosity with Piazzolla's works, for which they were awarded the World Music Prize Creole 2007 & Laureate 2 at the Astor Piazzolla Festival. Through the use of their instruments, they show how devious an angel is and how magically appealing the devil can be. The violin howls like a werewolf, the double bass becomes a percussive, slashing instrument of torture, the piano is heavenly, and the bayan, at the top of its mastery, produces the deepest registers to the highest. Mi Loco Tango creates a contrasting rainbow of sounds through the work of Astor Piazzolla and is not afraid of the unexpected. For example, for the melodramic "El Tango," the quartet had the lyrics translated from the original Spanish (by the great Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges) and invited the performer and director Willy Praml (he is the father of the double-bass player Gregor Praml) to their studio-sessions to work with him to achieve an absolutely new interpretation. Alberto Mompellio is responsible for refining the arrangements to "Adios Nonino" and "Mumuki," which, through his Italian origins, have given a completely new meaning to the genre of tango nuevo. With Del Diablo Y Del Angel, Mi Loco Tango present sweeping, quixotic theatrical amusements that clearly show that the tango they play comes from deep inside their hearts and souls.