PRICE: $12.50
East Of Eden


"Supplement Facts Records is ecstatic about its latest addition to the repertoire! The unstoppable Swiss fellow Michel Cleis has been on a streak of strong releases in 2009, lead by his highly popular La Mezcla on Cadenza. Michel has been producing contemporary house music with a personal note- presenting a wide musical scope, whilst swaying the dancefloor with a number of his releases throughout his career. Supplement Facts Records' 15th release -- East Of Eden -- is Michel Cleis' first on the label. The release East Of Eden carries 2 tracks. Both are fine avant-garde house music productions. The first ? 'Red Tape' gradually develops, gathering lots of energy, which is released through its second break. The unleashed groove is sure to move and shake. The second, 'Dark Glasses,' is a deeper, but nonetheless grooving and inspiring production. As the title insinuates, the track becomes available just in time for the sunny season! At first glance the innocent intro that leads into this production quickly comes to a halt, when less than two minutes into the track several layers fuse and the first break brings about a welcome change in groove that lets the track fall into its spot. From that point on the groove, dominated by a cheeky drum riff that keeps the energy high and ties the track together. 'Red Tape' emotionally leads from break to break -- leaving the listener yearning for the next sly climax. The track leads on from the flip side with a comparable internationally influenced base and drum structure. 'Dark Glasses' settles fast into a warm groove, the male vocal brings a playful yet dramatic element into play. The varied drum instruments and the base heavy kick wrap up the flow of the production. This creates a 'feel good' groove that maintains the necessary edge and depth to inspire, whilst still working on the floor. At 13 seconds to end of the record, DJs find an effective loop that lets the hidden synth elements of the final part roar one last time."