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Curtain Call


LP version. This is the second full-length album by Swedish duo Midaircondo, and the first release on their own Twin Seed Recordings label. The follow-up to their celebrated 2005 release Shopping For Images (TYPE 008CD/LP), Curtain Call is an exceptional pop record -- and make no mistake, this is a pop record; a heady mix of unexpected arrangements, acoustic and electronic sound sources, experimental music fused with the pair's undeniable pop sensibilities, that makes for an album which draws the listener in instantly. Reborn as a duo, Midaircondo's wonderful, original improvisational skills and innovative compositions have been developed into a new and more solemn sound. Classical instruments and delicate deliveries of poetic lyrics marry in Midaircondo's electronic world. Quirky field recordings from the band's travels around the world create backdrops that invite you to enter Midaircondo's unique musical sphere. From the shimmering opening moments of its title track, Curtain Call has such a peculiar pull, familiar in the most unique of ways. It's hard to categorize these songs -- equal measures of dark and light haunt the listener throughout. Delicate passages of recognizable instruments are suddenly thrown into unexpected territories, often revealing the duo at their most catchy. Midaircondo's evocative arrangements, plus their ability to gel the compositional and the improvisational, result in an album of incredibly forward-thinking music -- challenging but accessible to all. Making a guest appearance is The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' frontman Ebbot Lundberg, sharing vocal duties on standout track "Silk, Silver And Stone," a dark, layered song cycle with hazy, descending vocal layers and strings. Reminiscent of the best of Blonde Redhead, Björk's "All Is Full Of Love," and the electro allure of Bat For Lashes, Midaircondo's dark vision of electronic pop makes Curtain Call an album to return to time and time again.