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01 02 :42
02 03 :32
03 05 :24
04 04 :04
05 03 :06
06 04 :38
07 04 :25
08 03 :52
09 02 :21
10 03 :08
11 05 :35
Seven Sisters


Milenasong is Berlin-based Sabrina Milena, and this is her debut full-length album after her 10" release, Can't Tape Forever on Monika Enterprise. The daughter of Norwegian and Slovenian parents, she spent her childhood in south Germany and as a youth lived in Oslo, which is also where she first pressed the record button on her four-track. After art school in England and Berlin, part-time jobs, and the lifestyle of an uncertain existence, Milena began collaborating with friends from the local as well as international folk music scene. A series of lovingly hand-finished, extremely limited edition CDs touched the hearts and ears of a selected few. Monika Enterprise picked up Milena's trail, and now releases Seven Sisters, recorded at London's Golden Hum studios, with guest appearances by Dark Captain/Light Captain and Sculpture, among others. The record took on its final form in Bernd Jestram's (Tarwater) studio where he mixed the songs together with Milenasong and legendary folk pioneer Jeff Tarlton. The songs on Seven Sisters unravel as if written by a delicate hand on rice paper, stories which border between dream and realty. Stories that are as old as the sun but different every time, like each new phase of the moon. The vocal melodies flicker like eyelids in REM sleep and her unusual voice is a whole choir in itself. Milenasong's music weaves together Norwegian folklore, English folk-rock, forgotten memories and poetry. Her sound is related to such artists as His Name Is Alive, Sandy Denny, This Mortal Coil, Roy Harper and Vashti Bunyan. Contemporary artists from whom she takes inspiration include Les Mouches, Animal Collective, Matt Elliott, Diane Cluck and The Liars. Her vision is complete and she knows how to use it.