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3-4 Weeks
02 04 :41
03 04 :04
04 03 :57
05 04 :45
06 02 :43
07 04 :04
08 04 :21
09 03 :45
11 03 :52
12 04 :00
14 04 :36
15 04 :50
16 04 :36
17 03 :27
18 00 :33
Every Dog Has It's Day

MM 015CD MM 015CD

"After last year's highly acclaimed Lifelike-Axis Vol 2 release Jeff Mills has decided to put out another CD release on Music Man called Every Dog Has Its Day this time under his Millsart monniker. Most of the tracks were previously released on two limited doublepack vinyls (pt 1 & 2) but there are also some unreleased tracks as well as a Jeff Mills vocal track. 'As a fact, life is vivid. Surrounded by relevant matter, we project ourselves and others in the lights of our finest shining hours. Through shaded lessons of the past sometimes block our paths, we remain persistent for a day of grandeur. A day when doubts are persuasive enough to surpass the human defects. We step into the lights with confidence. As a fact, life is life. Unnoticeable as it may appear, your adherence will make the difference in your fate and in destiny. It'll be time when all negativity ceases and abides to fortune and acceptances. It is a day like no other. A day when everything is right and nothing is wrong. There will be no warning or intuition, just repletion. It'll be your day. Now you've read this, please be advised: Every Dog Has Its Day.' A uniquely crafted collection of Electronic Music by Jeff Mills that should ease restlessness, soothe impatience and at the same time build higher life expectations while opening the way to a better life and fortune."