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01 05 :55
02 05 :23
03 06 :58
04 05 :21
05 05 :54
06 06 :19
07 05 :42
08 06 :43
09 05 :36
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11 06 :39
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Crunch Time


"When it comes to the crunch -- because it came to the crunch in music and everybody is talking about the crisis Misc.'s new motto is: now more than ever. The times are over when Misc. convinced with subdued sounds somewhere in between the club and listening. Crunch Time is the flight ahead, it's raving and rocking like it's the last day. 'Take it Personal' shows the direction. Knarz- and bouncing bass swing in a funky duet while we are under a constant bombardment of distorted sixteenth particles. The irruption of acid snippets add another kick until an incredible shivaree break definitely transforms the track into a hymn. With Crunch Time Misc., Hannes Wenner & Christopher Bleckmann, wanted to break out of a certain techno static. No sooner said than done -- they garnished the tracks with many 'Occurrences' (Wenner). There is a constant meshwork of noises, digital tire squeaking, Cassandras out of Murakamis wells and failed ring tones. Not to forget the overmodulated voice snippets. From Misc. animated, these for sender typical noises begin to tell tales. Above it, guiding themes start to peel off -- nooses for DJs and their dancers. Misc., as fine strategies of dance floors, know when to take out the beat and bring the rest of the ingredients to a boil only to return the bass drum to release an irresistible motional impulse. And we never know if we should clap with our arms stretched into the air or if we should stomp with all fours on the ground. What 'The Magic Number' (CD bonus track) on the resounding 'Rocket Skating' EP promised us on dance floor comes true to the Crunch Time. If I gotta die, I'm gonna listen to my body tonight."