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Music for Piano and Strings Volume 2


Featured works: Patterns in a Chromatic Field (1981) and Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1987). "As these performances of Patterns in a Chromatic Field and Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello amply demonstrate, however well we think we know Feldman through his statements, his music is impossible to carry in your head and remains essentially unknowable. 'Essentially' in the sense of: that is the essential thing about it. The basics are simple enough. Composed in 1981, Patterns in a Chromatic Field is for cello and piano. Feldman prefaces his note with: 'Take an object/Do something to it/Do something else to it/Do something else to it' before outlining the patterns he places within a 'chromatic field': the raw data of pitch groups, time signatures and chord durations. Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello was his last piece. The motifs are arguably sparser, and certainly there are less of them than Feldman typically used; but the relationship between text and sound remains characteristically inscrutable. The published score has 34 pages paginated with orderly consistency: three systems, each with nine bars. But this visual uniformity bears no correlation to what we hear. Displaced, changing time signatures and double-bar repeats torpedo the rationality of the grid. Into that equation factor in those imponderables of structure and sound I mentioned in relation to Patterns in a Chromatic Field, and a fundamental truth about Feldman's music emerges -- however faithfully one analyses his scores, however forcefully Feldman persuades us that his music could be a sonic adjunct to the New York School painters he admired, experiencing his sounds is always quite different. " --Philip Clark Format: DVD-audio disc, can only be played on a DVD player or computer. European PAL format only, region free.