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Some Eat It Raw

CC 003CD CC 003CD

This is the CD version of the 2LP that came out in early 2006. This is the first full-length album from Montreal-based DJ and producer, Mossa (Jeremy Petrus). After having released on various labels such as Cynosure, Circus Company, Mo's Ferry Productions, Orac and Floppy Funk, Mossa became one of the most refreshing artists of the Montreal scene. With his uncompromising style of house music, Mossa convinces more and more auditors. Rhythmically solid and subjective, his sound is made from diverse sources collected here and there causing this composer to effectively transplant arrangements; some minimalist, most of them amusing, but rarely symmetrical. We can always feel a large range of inspiration in his music: jazz, folk, funk, house, glitch and minimal techno. Some Eat it Raw is a perfect example of his musical universe. The gathering of dirty, "rough" funk and nonconformist ways to turn grooves inside out is all he needs to turn you on. Tracks that you shouldn't miss: the subversive summer hit "Brazil '99," the Russian mountain ride on "Anagram," beautiful cello featuring his friend Godot on "Sure Kill." On this record you'll find tracks for dancing, chilling, screaming, laughing, kissing, running, crying, and to make a girl smile.