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01 03 :22
02 03 :28
03 04 :47
04 03 :57
05 05 :12
06 03 :25
09 02 :43
10 06 :14
Dry Up in the Sun


Behind the name Mr. Day is a band led by singer, guitarist, DJ and collector Eric Duperray. From the mid-'90s, Eric began to make a name for himself with the group Kool Cats Club and tours in the acid jazz scene. In 2003, Eric worked alongside Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart, a real starting point for a collaboration that took them on very different playgrounds, with notable successes, including, among others, the classic "Yonuwhathislifeez" under the name Metropolitan Jazz Affair, the incredible 45s Seven Nation Army/Move On Up by The Dynamics, the hit by Mr. President, "The Best Is Yet to Come" and the track "Food for Soul," available on this album, which has already received recognition before its release. Meanwhile, Eric and Bruno formed the band Mr. Day in 2007, with experienced jazz and rock musicians. Without delay, they released a series of 45s and EPs, and started touring, which led to their first album, Small Fry, released in 2010 on Favorite Recordings. Today, the project Mr. Day keeps affirming itself. During the writing of this second album, the band evolved naturally toward a more ambitious sound which clearly set them at the intersection of rock and soul from the '60s to now. The band also decided to use 100% analog production and recording techniques: magnetic tapes, live takes and cracklings contribute to producing a rich and organic sound. However, Mr. Day is far from being a revival band. On the contrary, Dry Up in the Sun appears resolutely timeless with his vintage, yet modern approach. The beats perfectly coexist alongside the guitars, as in the great era of Primal Scream in the '90s. The alchemy seems perfect and natural on each of the ten tracks that make up this inspired work.