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MEME 004 MEME 004

"This is the new work of Japanese inventive electro-noise duo (Tagomago and Kumakiri). They use handmade synths only. System rouge (one of their synth) could not stop to repeat... The profile about Tagomago (Tsuyoshi Nakamaru): Born in Tokyo1963. Released his 1st Album as Tagomago in December, 1994. Related with the scene of noise-techno music in Tokyo, and has released his original works of electronics sounds. Playing synthesizer made by himself as the ambient-noise unit Nerve Net Noise with Hiroshi Kumakiri who is the formative artist, since 1996. And in May, 1998, got into the action of Toki-Meki Science which is a Meta-Pop project with a female vocalist." "Here are five more offerings from Meme, a Japanese CD pressing hub paralleling only Tzadik (possibly Cleopatra, depending on your definition of 'outsider') in brute-force release prolificity of head-scratcher audio documentation. Nerve Net Noise have two releases on Zero Gravity (This Island Earth and their collaboration with Dub Sonic Roots, Live at Uplink Factory) as well as a bevvy of tracks/albums as TagoMago. This CD has tracks, a square-pulsing analog signal that takes 31:11 to modulate down a half step, and a faster 50/50 pulse/signal mix that takes 31:52 to double in speed. So fucking zen it barely qualifies as audio (this sound could have been derived from any of several phase-test methods, then recorded through an audio path). Test your will to live, go on..." -- Hrvatski.