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05 05 :56
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We Know Exactly Where We Are Going

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LP version. Next Stop: Horizon is Pär Hagström and Jenny Roos from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their music is so special that it's difficult to explain their sound. Perhaps, Kurt Weill-esque, achingly unique, anarchic and melodramatic music of bizarre beauty, sounding archaic and totally contemporary at the same time. The band attempts an explanation: "We spent the whole winter at our own recording studio in Gothenburg, recording the Next Stop: Horizon debut album. We wanted to try out a few things that we had thought of for quite a while. We wanted to find new sounds. And old sounds. We wanted to create soundly images of who we were that specific winter. What we dreamed about. What we cared for. How we felt. Who we wanted to be. It's all there, on the album. We recorded all the melodies we could hear in our heads and invited the finest musicians and friends we could think of to add their own feel to it, and tiny fragments of their minds. On top of that, we put a certain amount of snow and rain and wind, along with pictures of warmer places which we dreamed about. And echoes from lands so far away that no one can go there. It turned out to sound like music. Our music." Includes free download code.