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Wholesome EP


[deleted] Wholesome EP is the second release based around Nicolette's 2005 album, Life Loves Us. Comprising six original tracks, or seven if you include the stunning "Wholesome" video included on the CD, this release is entirely distinct from the "Wholesome" single released on Early Records a few years back. The Wholesome EP is chock full of gems to delight everyone from the dedicated clubber hungry for dance anthems, through the discerning pop-pickers, to lovers of quirky electronica. The title track, a delectably eccentric re-working of the original version, and a marvel of synth-pop/computer-soul full of bubbly sparkle-gargling space age noises, somehow both soothes and energizes. It is a delicious slice of futuristic pop with the catchiest hook and most stunningly illogical bassline you'll encounter this century and probably the next too. Like all the best pop songs, its complexity and depth are masked by a seeming (yet seductive) simplicity. Bouncy yet booming, powerful yet highly melodic, light-hearted yet deep, quirky yet accessible, "Wholesome" is the perfect pop song: a pure power-slice of happiness, nutritious and good for the soul. The second track is a storming dance remix of "Wholesome" by Swiss electronic club music supremos Filewile. Comprising chart-busting musicians and DJs Daniel Jakob and Andreas Ryser, Filewile have also been described as making "alpine dub," partly in reference to the deep and heavy bass values of a lot of their productions, including this one. The third track, also highly danceable, is yet another treasure from well-known electronica geniuses Plaid. The fourth track is a superb neo-electro remix by brilliantly eccentric Swiss electronic pop duo Electric Blanket (comprising Patrik Lerjen and Helenka). The DJ Senorina remix of "Groovy," (the Simon & Garfunkel cover on Nicolette's album Life Loves Us), is the fifth track on the EP. The final track is an exclusive, previously unreleased mix of Nicolette song "Stars." This mix, by UK funky house dons Riot Of Emotion, is a dreamy, dubbed out version of the song that is a departure from their usual style.