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Täglich Brot (incl. Monoroom Remix)

OW 016EP OW 016EP

"After releasing Der Fischer Und Sine Fru (Veer, Ostwind), and remixing The Glitz (Chatter, Pocketgame) and Solar & Poppcke (grounded EP, Ostwind) - here is the next Strike by Ostwind Label-Chic Nils Nilson. Täglich Brot combines everything, Nils is surrounded with during his daily work at the Online Record Shop. Whether Detroit, the trendy Latin Tribalmadness, vocals below the equator or the Italian minimal electro hypno wave! Nils mixes together all these Ingredients in a big melting pot, flavors the whole thing with his unique groove, dubs things up a little and creates his 'Täglich Brot' this way...full bodied in taste, vitamin packed and full of dietary fibers ? developing its full flavor on the palate! We're looking forward to welcoming our long time friends Monoroom on the remix side!! These 2 likeable guys need no further introduction. With a number of hits e.g. 'memory Inc' on Livelarge Records or on their own label Freunde Tonträger, they already left some huge footprints in the 'Musical Jungle'!! During summer they will have their bookings across Europe. Watch out for the first Monoroom Mix Compilation as well as remixes for Martin Eyerer & Oliver Lang. It is known so far that master baker from the south of Germany are using different recipes and different mixed herbs. So Monoroom did -- fat bottom -- fluffy in the middle and the parfait is spicy and hypnotizing. A real hypno bomb!!"