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Suspended opus 69

SOL 1001CD SOL 1001CD

Premiered at Covent Garden as part of the 2015 International Mime Festival and performed all across Europe since, Gandini Juggling's "4×4 Ephemeral Architectures" was conceptualized as a piece of imaginary architecture and a fusion of the worlds of juggling and ballet. Berlin-based label Solaire now present Nimrod Borenstein's original score for the show, curated especially for the performance: a hauntingly beautiful work that seemingly defies all the rules of the genre. For Nimrod Borenstein (born 1969), one of Europe's most in-demand composers, the task was clear: to write a ballet that would not only provide an inspiring basis for the choreography, but would also work as a full-fledged composition in its own right. Given almost complete freedom by the group's founder, Sean Gandini, Borenstein admits to working "like a madman" for half a year to deliver one of his most striking pieces. Complex rhythmical layers run on top of each other in one moment, only to give way to a thrilling tango, waltz, or Charleston in the next. And in some of the most arresting moments, the pulse seems to be dying down completely, resulting in a form of glacial acoustic ambient. Conducted by renowned Brazilian conductor Laércio Diniz and performed by das freie orchester Berlin, this is the soundtrack to more than 50 sold-out shows and the first collaboration between Borenstein and the Solaire imprint of established classical producer Dirk Fischer.