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05 04 :31
06 03 :44
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NN 001CD NN 001CD

Notic Nastic is an intriguing, anonymous group of New York/Berlin-based musicians fronted by their strikingly beautiful, chameleon-like band-mate who acts as the face of the band. Together, they deliver their unique sound and energy with a fierce yet almost alien sensuality. After receiving much critical acclaim throughout Europe with their debut album and energetic live shows, Notic Nastic's clear voice and message inspires people to be aware, to take action and to go Fullscreen. This fierce follow-up to their debut release, It's Dark But It's Okay (STRIKE 110CD) draws influence from the two vibrant cities they represent. Fullscreen is playful but contains a potent and positive message. That message is for people to wake up to the forces that manipulate our choices in this world, to no longer be sedate and inactive but to make informed decisions about who and what they support. Their distinctive sound combines hard-hitting, finely-crafted beats, combined with soft yet profoundly passionate lyrics and vocals. The opening track "Cyanide" is a revelation -- fearless and honest. The fast-paced, twisted industrial sounds are matched with the storytelling of an awakening, of breaking free of constraints. Notic Nastic will tour again, bringing the energetic live shows they are both recognized and celebrated for. Notic Nastic want you to know that this is the age of information and the truth will set you free.