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Same Monkeys Different Zoo


This is the debut full-length release from Berlin/Hamburg duo Penner + Muder. Nils Penner and John Muder produced their first 4-track demo CD in August 2007. Produced in the Suol Studios in East-Berlin for fun rather than with a full-blown business plan, Sasse signed 2 tracks of this demo for his Moodmusic imprint. Are You Lost (MOOD 065EP) became Penner + Muder's first vinyl 12" release. It got great reactions from the DJ community and the B-side "Millennium Falcon" was picked by electro-maestro Oliver Huntemann himself for his mix compilation Play 02! Live At Rex/Paris. Release-wise, the guys kept it slow and focused on quality rather than quantity. Same Monkeys Different Zoo is the result and sees the duo draw on their solo output (Nils and his Wazi Wazi imprint and John's Johjon alias and Suol imprint) as well as vast knowledge of classic deep house sounds to create something fresh, varied and essential. From the opening keys of the piano-led intro and first full track "Let The Music Play," there's a beautiful and slightly melancholic thread throughout. This is a house album, however, and groove does not suffer as the stripped-back drum&vox of "All About You" aptly proves. Whether it be the dubby feel of "Sunset Blvd" or the future soul of "Time Has Come," Same Monkeys Diffferent Zoo is bristling with emotion and even in tracks like the decidedly austere "Solitary Movement" (with Muder's long-term friend/label partner Chopstick) there's a real sense of feeling. This impassioned theme culminates in the stunning "Are You Lost," a future classic in the making. Balancing melody with groove, melancholy with uplift and dancefloor sensibilities with a home listening vibe is a rare feat but Penner + Muder have pulled it off and have done so with a heavily song-based LP -- a testament to their talent if ever there was one.