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Lateral Pass


Peter Zummo's Lateral Pass suite continues on stylistically from where Zummo With With an X (OMZUMMO 001LP) left off, with four unique and arresting movements: "Sci-Fi," "Slow Heart", "Song VI," and the original quintet version of one of the most acclaimed of Zummo's collaborations with Arthur Russell, "Song IV." Originally written as the score for the Trisha Brown Dance Company production of the same name, Lateral Pass prominently features Russell on amplified cello and vocals, as well as regular Russell collaborators Bill Ruyle on tabla and marimba and Mustafa Ahmed on marimba and percussion, the acclaimed accordionist Guy Kluvecsek (collaborator of John Zorn and Alvin Lucier), and Zummo himself on trombone. Peter Zummo is best known for his work with John Lurie's Lounge Lizards, Peter Gordon's Love of Life Orchestra, and Arthur Russell. Zummo's signature trombone style, renowned for its rich and soothing tone, has become one of the most beloved features of Russell's celebrated sound. As well as being close friends, their musical symbiosis was so complimentary that they almost seemed to form a single entity at times, to the point where it would be hard to imagine one's music with the other. Lateral Pass provides another example of the fruits of this relationship, as well as a further insight into Russell's cello-dominated World of Echo period. Recorded live at Battery Sound, NYC, in 1985, Lateral Pass was mastered in Brooklyn by Paul Gold from the original ¼" tapes in the summer of 2013, exclusively using analog equipment for the vinyl edition and foregoing compression in order to preserve the original dynamics of the recording. In contrast to the version released by New World Records with Zummo With an X in 2006, these arrangements are previously unreleased and exclusive to Foom. Lateral Pass is now presented on vinyl for the first time, accompanied by American artist Nancy Graves's artwork from the original shows.