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Pharaon de Winter

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LP version. Pharaon de Winter was a relatively unsuccessful 19th-century painter from Northern France. Today it's the name of a band, but also the name of the song that changed its author's life. The ex-leader of the bands Toy Fight and (Please) Don't Blame Mexico (releasing with the latter First Aid (2006) and Concorde (2011), featuring the hit songs "The Protocol" and "Michel Foucault (Saved My Life)"), Maxime Chamoux's musical style could be placed somewhere between North American rock like Spoon or Neutral Milk Hotel and sophisticated British pop like Prefab Sprout or XTC. Then he decided to cut loose: "I was starting to get bored of indie rock and wanted something different," he explains. "I wanted to sing in French. I wanted to use more beautiful chords. For several months, I searched for a new shape and colour to give to these new songs. And one day, I had a kind of revelation. It was called Pharaon de Winter. From that day on, all the music I loved came together in a particular weave." Pharaon de Winter features ten songs naturally uniting influences ranging from the popular to the edgy: William Sheller's precise writing, Lucio Battisti's warmth, Steely Dan's refined groove, Arthur Russell's sense of adventure, Véronique Sanson's feel for melody...