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Co-release between Onitor and Proptronix. Pigeon Funk = Kit Clayton, Sutekh and Safety Scissors. "Scattered in the streets, seeming to wander aimlessly, pigeons populate every city in the world; and as they possess the element of surprise and the advantage of flight, humans may be in danger; these commonly disregarded street fowl have been cleverly conspiring world domination. Recent discoveries reveal that Kit Clayton, Sutekh and Safety Scissors are in cahoots with the special species of bird. Now released to the public are all the bird-brained schemes these boys came up with to aid the ornithologic overtake. This CD recollects vinyl only releases on Proptronix and Onitor, cacophonous quibbles and quarrels previously suppressed to the DJ underground. It compiles material from the very first Proptronix EP, and Onitor releases. Initially masked and marketed as innocent dance music for pigeons, the audio is in fact a subversive assortment of electronics; beak bobbing techno to talon thrashing electro to feather fluffing noise, the music is engineered for dancing, sitting or any sort of intermediary poise between. Similar to a bird with its simple nervous system, the music has a hard time sitting still while perched up high on a telephone wire. San Franciscans Kit, Sutekh and Safety are each known for demonstrating their own dynamic range on a range of labels including Context, Orthlorng, Plug Research, Scape~, and Force Inc. and another aviary ally, Wobbly (of Tigerbeat 6 fame and frequent People Like Us collaborator) appears with a remix of your bird last year. two videos appear on the CD as Quicktime movies: a magical illustration of 'Mocito' by Ruben Fleischer, who has made music videos for Gold Chains, Ellen Allien, and DJ Format, and a narrative about two jailbirds set to fly the coop from Luis Briceno of Metronomic, creator of videos for Console and Notwist. Pigeon Funk will land on your head and the boy/bird band just might best the humans after all."