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Originally released in 2007 by Chapter Music, Pikelet is Evelyn Morris, a musical wunderkind from the outer suburbs of Melbourne who began life as a hardcore-obsessed drummer, and who still currently serves on sticks in such heavy-hitting Melbourne institutions as Baseball and True Radical Miracle. But a couple of years ago, something tickled Evelyn's brain and she felt compelled to grab an old accordion, a guitar and a delay pedal, and launch a decidedly un-hardcore solo career. The name comes from Evelyn's mother, who used to spoil her kids with pikelets (sort of a cross between a pancake and a crumpet) when she was a little strapped for cash. Engineered and produced by U.S. uber-producer Casey Rice (Tortoise, Sea & Cake, Ben Lee and countless others), Pikelet's debut self-titled album is a gorgeous, multi-tiered work of swirling and shifting melody, layered harmonies and charming story-telling, almost entirely performed by Evelyn herself. All in all, a uniquely assured and distinctive debut. Since its release, Evelyn has spent much of her time touring, embarking on a large-scale European tour in June 2007, and in Australia supporting international acts such as Sufjan Stevens and Beirut, while playing festivals from Golden Plains to the Blue Mountains Folk Festival. These are absolutely dizzying songs, containing sweet, multi-tracked vocals, a mass of tinkling chimes, glockenspiel, almost tribal drums and layers upon layers of subtle instrumentation and some truly bomblasting accordion.