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Disc 1
01 00 :46
02 00 :45
03 00 :44
04 00 :45
05 00 :45
06 00 :46
07 00 :45
08 00 :45
Disc 2
Sugar Cane & The Lost Amigos


Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Includes download code and CD. Pilocka Krach still means nothing but Pilocka Noise. She's the charming queen of Berlin's post techno underground and a true recording and performing artist. Her new release on her very own imprint Greatest Hits International, Sugar Cane & The Lost Amigos, was conceived with the double vinyl format in mind. It is a journey diary of her last two years on tour around the globe, with Mexico, Detroit, and her hometown roots in Berlin, functioning as fix points on her never-ending agenda. Pilocka Krach is Sugar Cane and The Lost Amigos, her band, all at once. Her style is pure electro post rave simplicity, where each single sound is either raw sampling cuts or deep growling synthesis. Big basslines meet funky grooves and surprising hooks, grooving along with her voice and a lot of other vocal features. Each and everything gets the room it deserves and mingles all together to create so much more than just another stereo sum. There has never been an album so dry and wet at the same time with an overall fun and jam factor. It is truly touching. She took her original style more than just a few steps further and sharpened her skills in an impressive and straight-forward way, with raw funkiness and true storytelling -- You can't listen to it without moving. Pilocka is always surfing the right balance of how much, or better, how less it needs, to keep it going, get down to the point of no return, and beyond the miracle of repetition. Pure old-school sounds never sounded so fresh and never, ever have they been told this way before.