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01 11 :21
02 09 :15
03 06 :46
04 06 :32
05 09 :27
06 08 :42
07 08 :31
08 07 :28

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Plastikman is the alter ego of one of the world's most revered electronic DJs and producers, Richie Hawtin. Born in Banbury, Oxfordshire in England, his family moved to Windsor, Ontario when he was nine. The proximity to Detroit meant regular trips across the bridge to the Motor City where he was influenced by the first wave of techno greats, and it was almost inevitable that he would begin experimenting with music-making himself. Between 1993 and 2003, the Plastikman persona, born from the mood and state of mind in late night warehouse parties in Detroit, manifested himself in six albums ranging in style from hypnotic and acidic to brooding and introspective, but always with the common thread of a minimalistic 303, stripped down to a unique brand of techno. Live shows were few and far between, having been reserved for special events like Glastonbury 1995 and Mutek 2004. Now in 2010, Plastikman has re-emerged to perform a 15-city tour, reinterpreting the original Plastikman material using today's technologies, and creating a fully immersive concert experience using synchronized audio, visuals, and communication technology. Kompilation is the next chapter in the Plastikman story; a limited edition CD containing tracks from 1993's "Helikopter" through 2003's "Ask Yourself." Presented in new packaging with the trademark Plastikman logo, it works as a collector's item just as well as an introduction to the full Plastikman discography and reflects the running order of the 2010 Plastikman Live show.