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Modern Journal of Popular Savagery

NP 019CS NP 019CS

A limited cassette edition of Porest's Modern Journal of Popular Savagery, originally released on vinyl by Nashazphone in 2016, featuring the bonus track "Slopinloper" and a full-color fold-out sleeve with lyrics. "Modern Journal of Popular Savagery is a damning collection of parallel realities told in song and sound. Following 2006's masterful Tourrorists! (ABDT 034CD), MJoPS pits post-globalized hate pop, cabalistic text-to-speech drama and violent tape music against soapbox anthems and swirling barbed-wire psychedelia - sometimes within the same track. The result: a terrifying and ridiculous audio shakedown that both avoids and completely indulges the inherent trappings of art and politics. Fuzzed out guitars and keyboards, epic modulated grooves, 'samples' and far-out field recordings index the colonization of our consciousness. Guests include Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Peter Conheim (Negativland) and Jake Rodriguez (Bran...Pos). Recorded in California, Syria, Vietnam and points in between." Randall Dunn, March, 2016 "All I know is the way Mark Gergis cuts and pastes signifiers of our global predicament into songs that are funny, baffling, catchy, reverent, subversive, absurd, and logical is a knack that has a few parallels (Negativland, Eugene Chadbourne, Gergis' brethren Sun CIty GIrls) but no real peers. Modern Journal is his first Porest record in a decade, and it has lots to reckon with, yet somehow the Porest POV is so intact it's blinding - and I'll be staring at this sun for a while." --Marc Masters, 200 Words