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Post Scriptum 01


Post Scriptum 01 is the debut full-length album from anonymous producer Post Scriptum. This stunning full-length thoroughly outlines the sonic intentions of the project over 11 otherworldly tracks, and follows Post Scriptum's debut track, "Human Timescales," featured on Berghain 07 Part I (OSTGUT 086EP, 2015). Berghain 07 is an installment in the series of DJ mixes by the Berlin club's residents, mixed by Infrastructure founder Function. Accompanying the mix are two 12''s (Berghain 07 Part I and Part II (OSTGUT 087EP)), which feature Post Scriptum's "Human Timescales" alongside tracks from Cassegrain & Tin Man, Inland, DVS1, Steve Bicknell, Blue Hour, and Luke Slater's L.B. Dub Corp alias. The in-depth A&R process that Function went through for the Berghain 07 project led to the development of this album, which follows Post Scriptum's live debut at Berghain in May 2015. Post Scriptum stands for rich, highly detailed modern techno electronics. References to Mills-School bleep and unearthly, sci-fi tones are clear to hear. The album features original photographs by Swiss mixed-media artist Julian Charrière, taken on-site at a former Soviet nuclear testing ground. The negatives were first exposed through the camera, and then laid on the radioactive earth where interference occurred, resulting in the highly textured end images. Parallels to the process can be drawn throughout Post Scriptum 01, where classic techno sound sources are clear to hear, alongside complex processing and a very original approach to arrangement that flavors and colors each track. With titles like "Interstellar Medium," "Decelerate At the Destination," or "The Extreme Distance," clear space-time themes emerge, evoking imagery of the ongoing human quest for survival, on this world, and eventually others. On the CD version a further three titles can be found, with the tracklist arranged as Post Scriptum originally intended, for listening in one session.