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Alex And The Grizzly


Christian Prommer (Drumlessons, Trüby Trio, etc.) and Alex Barck (Jazzanova) launch their own label Derwin and their new musical project Prommer & Barck. These guys have had so many experiences and numerous discoveries -- they've gone through: rave, jazz, Krautrock, garage, Detroit, house, hip-hop, disco, folk, dubstep, electronica, funk, punk, wave, Chicago house, handmade music and soul. If we generally agree with the thesis that 90% of these musical genres and subgenres are boring, mainly crap, commercial, rip-offs or trivial, then all that's left is about 10% of really good music. These guys' influences are so wide-ranged, that a young foolish nerd could never compete with them. The songs on Alex And The Grizzly embody their life-long and concentrated passion, their quest for finer music and the fantastic tiny details of deep tunes. Even if you could sort the tracks into different musical genre/style categories, the conclusion is: they are always made of those fine ingredients of the beloved 10% batch. Some of the songs on this album only conceal one or two elements, others include many different components, but you never know where they are coming from. This is a homogeneous, modern-sounding and timeless album, with its own perspective, which one could call "earthboogie dance" or "deep Kraut music." Mature audio-engineering adds spontaneity, soul, technique, amazing guests and true vision. Analog and digital are not antagonistic here; on the contrary, it is an intended fusion. If you add up all of their music productions on CDs, vinyl, remixes, etc., they both have contributed to a minimum of one and a half million sold records. This is the pure culmination of all their gathered sonic experiences into a perfect package. Featured guests include: Dollkraut, Kim Sanders, James Teej, Eva Milner (Hundreds), Sascha Gottschalk (Thief), Uwe Karpa, Azar Kamal and Ann Lisa Nathan. Christian Prommer: drums, percussion, synth, vocals; Alex Barck: vocals, synth, computer.