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Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy

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"R.Y.N. are a UK-based duo probably best known for their Astral Death CD (Unrest Productions) and an excellent 7" on Drone Records. On this vinyl-only release R.Y.N. present 44 minutes of completely new recordings: a mix of archaic, unsettling, new and melancholy. This album took many months to record due to the care and attention to detail exacted by the duo. This LP provides both classic R.Y.N. darkness plus even heavier oppressive, dark soundscapes that can only be fully appreciated on vinyl over the two side-long tracks: 'Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy' and 'Provisional Sketch Of The Mind.' Pressed on virgin 180 gram black vinyl and housed in a deluxe silkscreened card sleeve (by Seizure Palace) plus a printed inner sleeve and inserts. If you don't know their work, then this is definitely worth exploring. If you do know them, then this is a must. The driving motive behind R.Y.N. was to manipulate sounds beyond any trace of recognition, often using heavily processed guitar/bass. Creating an environment or atmosphere via sonic texture puts R.Y.N. closer to the avant garde of ambient music. This newest LP for Equation was created during the Summer of 2008 and was built solely from processed field recordings. This has lent a darker, more disturbed edge, to the group's sound... if that was at all possible." Limited edition of 233 numbered copies.