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Whitmey Na

KD 007EP KD 007EP

"Patrick Rasmussen, aka Raz Ohara, is something of an underground superstar. His exciting, forward-thinking releases on Kitty-Yo have earned him favorable comparisons with genius pop-futurists like Beck and Prince. No two Raz releases are the same, and whether he's drawing inspiration from 2-step, minimal techno or classic pop songwriting, his work always sounds fresh and extremely danceable. Kindisch, having put out storming records by Einzelkind, Jay Haze, Samim & Michal and DiskJokke, is now pleased to welcome Raz Ohara to the family with a three-track EP, Whitmey Na, that will set discerning dancefloors on fire. Berlin-based Raz provides three versions of the title track; the A1 is the 'Nass aka Geiger "Ride" Vocal Remix' which straps his hushed, soulful vocals to a minimal house kick and intricate, dubby percussion that wouldn't sound out of place on a Villalobos record. The track has a propulsive, club-ready groove but also plenty of space for Raz's heartbreaking lyrics to breathe. Deep, descending synth chords encroach and recede to spine-tingling effect; the clever drum edits and hissing hi-hats will get hips and feet moving, while the euphoric, impossibly romantic theremin break takes things to the next level. As the track reaches it conclusion, Raz strips the rhythm to its bare bones and introduces swirling, acidic arpeggios - subtle, and devastating.On the flip, Raz's original has a similar leftfield house style, but is perhaps a little more reserved. Melancholy but also uplifting, regretful but also hopeful, the wistful melody and haunting lyrics will stay with you long after the record ends."